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Water Heaters

Water heaters are a necessity to life as we know it. Keep yours working properly and always supplied with hot water with our full-service plumbing maintenance and 24/7 emergency services. Never take a cold shower again!

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Water Filtration Systems

Bring clean drinking water to your home by installing a state of the art water filtration system. As exclusive providers of Pursanova filtration systems, our team can equip one room or your whole house with fresh, purified water that keeps your family safe and healthy.

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Drips, Leaks & Clogs

All those annoying plumbing problems can turn into plumbing disasters if not addressed quickly. Call our team when you have a leaky faucet, a backed up toilet, or worse, and we’ll fix the problem before it turns into something bigger.

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Choose Experienced & Local Plumbing Services

Don’t trust your pipes to just anyone. At S&S Heating and Cooling, you’ll work with a certified and experienced plumber who not only fixes your plumbing problems but does so efficiently and without leaving a mess for you to clean.

With specialized skills and certifications in boiler repair, water heater maintenance, general plumbing, commercial and agricultural plumbing and more, your home is in good hands with our professionals.

Call S&S Heating and Cooling for Expert Plumbing

No matter how big and problematic or how small and annoying your plumbing issues are, ensure all your home’s water systems are in tip top shape with our expert plumbing services!

Reach out to us anytime for a free estimate on your plumbing problems, and see how our team can help keep your home’s heating and cooling systems running efficiently, too.

HVAC Tips + Industry News

Find a Reliable Plumber With S&S Heating & Cooling

Explore the world of plumbing and discover the key qualities, credentials, and warning signs when hiring a plumber. S&S Heating and Cooling emerges as the trusted choice, offering licensed professionals, transparent credentials, positive reviews, and a commitment to excellence.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Covering topics from insulation to smart home technology, it offers insights from S&S Heating & Cooling, experts in plumbing in Altura, MN. Key measures include proper home insulation, upgrading plumbing materials, and regular maintenance. The article emphasizes the importance of both immediate actions and long-term solutions, positioning S&S Heating & Cooling as a reliable partner in protecting your home against freezing temperatures

Preventing Plumbing Disasters: How to Identify and Thaw Frozen Pipes Safely

This article offers in-depth insights into identifying frozen pipes before they burst. It covers where pipes are most likely to freeze, which types are more prone, warning signs, associated plumbing issues, and the effectiveness of DIY vs. professional pipe thawing. S&S Heating and Cooling is an experienced plumbing contractor in southeastern Minnesota, with expertise in handling, fixing, and preventing issues related to frozen pipes.