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HVAC systems with ducts and vents are commonplace in most homes and businesses. But did you know that ductless systems can also be installed and provide you with equally comfortable heating and cooling?

Whether you’re looking to improve the comfort in a single room or install a whole house ductless heating and cooling system, turn to S&S Heating and Cooling for complete ductless mini split installation. Find out more about if a ductless mini split will work for you and get a free estimate on installation by calling us today!

Ductless Mini Splits for Added Comfort

A ductless mini split is essentially a heat pump. It utilizes two sections: an outdoor compressor and a wall-mounted indoor section that delivers warm or cool air directly into your space.

No ducts or vents required!

Ductless Air Conditioning

A ductless A/C works by using refrigerant to absorb heat from the indoors. Then it pumps that hot air out, creating a cooler space inside for you. With no ductwork to go through, cool air is instantly circulated in your room.

Ductless Heating

Similar to a ductless A/C, ductless heating uses refrigerant, but this time the refrigerant absorbs heat from the outdoors and disperses it inside your home. Again, the heated air moves directly into your home without the use of venting.

Whole-House or Single-Room Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits are quiet, energy efficient, and versatile enough to effectively heat or cool a whole house or run in only one room depending on how they are installed and what you need.

Whole House

Ductless systems are ideal in smaller homes, like cabins, tiny homes, and townhouses, where there is no room for ductwork to fit. But any home where a homeowner would like to save space can install ductless mini splits.

Multiple indoor units connect to one outdoor unit, and the combination heats or cools your whole home. The benefit to having multiple indoor units is that you can control each one separately, turning them on only when you need them.

Save money on your energy bills by heating or cooling the rooms you use as you use them, instead of using energy to heat or cool your whole house all the time.

Single Room

Since ductless mini splits can also be installed to control the temperature in just one room in your home, they make perfect additions to attics, basements, sunrooms, or a home addition that couldn’t be incorporated into an existing ductwork system.

Turn your ductless mini split on when using the room and feel instant comfort. Then turn it off when you leave and save electricity and money.

Choose S&S Heating and Cooling for Ductless Mini Splits

There’s no reason you can’t have a comfortable, temperature controlled home. With ductless mini splits, you have the climate control options that bulky HVAC systems can’t provide.

See how S&S Heating and Cooling can bring comfort to your home with expert installation of ductless mini splits, heating and cooling system maintenance, and plumbing repairs.

Call today at 507-796-6391 or message us online for a free estimate and find out more about our financing options!

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