Why You Need a Water Filtration System at Home

Why You Need a Water Filtration System at Home

Let’s not deny it. Water is life. Water makes us healthy and happy. Water energizes and cleanses us. With the overwhelming benefits of water, it’s time we treat it as a precious commodity, and one of the best ways to make water work even better for us is to purify it from contaminants and impurities that reduce its benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the important advantages of having a water filtration system in your home. Call the plumbing and HVAC experts at S&S Heating and Plumbing today for an assessment appointment, and then get ready to bring health and bliss back into your home.

Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System

Water filtration systems are becoming more and more popular these days now that word of mouth has spread on the positive impacts of how cleaner, healthier water has improved lives. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Removes Harmful Contaminants

If you think your tap water is clean, think again. Think about how many miles of pipeline it’s traveled, picking up a few contaminants along the way or becoming overly disinfected with chemicals that can leave potentially carcinogenic byproducts behind.

From copper and lead to arsenic, water filtration systems run water from your pipes through multiple filters to clean contaminants out of your water.

Improves Taste & Odor

According to the CDC and other health experts, it is recommended that we drink plenty of water daily—as much as 125 oz. a day which equals about 8 tall glasses. Make that water healthier and better tasting by removing all impurities in it.

Since water filtration systems clean all the water you use in your home, you’ll likely notice the taste of other drinks, like tea and coffee, are even better. Your ice will also keep your drinks cold, fresh, and taste clean.

Our Pursanova systems also eliminate unpleasant smells in bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, laundry rooms, grease traps, and purification tanks. You’ll find your laundry smelling fresher, your dishes will be cleaner, and even your body will feel more cleansed after showers or baths.

Helps the Environment

Just because you think your tap water isn’t entirely clean does not mean you should resort to buying bottled water instead. The bottled water market is virtually unregulated, as mentioned by the EPA.

One of the main reasons that a water filtration system helps the environment is by eliminating water bottle waste. Since not everyone tosses those plastics inside a recycling receptacle, the majority end up in a landfill or appear as trash along the roads. Roughly two-thirds of those bottles will wind up in landfills or eventually make their way to the ocean, polluting waters and harming wildlife.

Plus, roughly 17 million barrels of oil go into a year's worth of plastic bottles, from manufacturing the plastic to transporting the bottles to keeping them stored in refrigerators. Use water filtration instead to help the environment and cut back on all that plastic, oil, greenhouse gases, and more.

Leaves Clothing Fresher

Laundry is cleaner and static electricity is reduced by almost 50%. This is due to the water filtration system using liquid conversion technology, which is a process that utilizes indigenous mineral ores to radically energize and activate colliding water molecules to improve the physical and biological properties of water.

Makes Skin & Hair Feel Softer

Water filtration will also benefit those with skin conditions such as atopic syndrome, eczema, or dry skin. You’ll have a more enjoyable bathing experience as the purified water helps your skin retain more moisture. 

Fresher, purified water also helps maintain healthier hair by boosting its moisture content and keeping damaging particles out of it.

Keeps Surfaces Cleaner

In addition, you’ll find that whole-home water filtration systems keep your home's utilities cleaner. Your bathtub and toilet will be less prone to mineral deposits and buildups often caused by hard water, so you won’t have to scrub as hard when cleaning them or have to clean them as frequently.

S&S Heating and Cooling: Your Water Filtration Experts in Minnesota

You know you’ve thought about having cleaner water for some time now. It’s time to make a better, healthier you a priority. We offer financing options if necessary to make it easier on your wallet. Pursanova water filtration systems can be installed on single faucets or hooked up to whole homes or farm systems with the help of our master plumbers.

You can count on our plumbing and HVAC experts to bring comfort and health to your home through our emergency plumbing services or A/C and heating maintenance and installation. Contact us today!