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Complete Air Conditioner Repair & Installation

Let our technicians thoroughly inspect all parts of your cooling system and make the necessary repairs that will keep you cool all summer. And we’ll honestly assess when it’s time for you to upgrade to a new A/C.

When that day comes, our pros will help you pick the best A/C for your needs, home size, and budget. Then our team will carefully install and test your new unit for you, so you can trust you’ll keep your cool no matter how hot it gets outside.

Central Air Repair

Central air repairs can get complicated, and it’s always a good idea to call on our experts to give your system the TLC it needs. Whether you’d like us to perform an inspection before summer really gets going or you need 24-hour emergency service, our team will be there to repair or replace your A/C system when you need it the most.

Ductless A/C

Ductless mini splits are great additions to individual rooms in your home or even as your whole home cooling system. Not only can our team help you pick out the right ductless A/C unit for you and install it, we’ll keep it in good working order for as long as you own it.

HVAC System Regular Maintenance Program

For a longer lasting and better performing A/C system, join our regular maintenance program! Each spring and fall, our team will come inspect your HVAC equipment and ensure that all aspects of it are running smoothly.

Regular maintenance is the best and most cost effective way to prevent A/C problems and keep your home comfortable year round.

What Signs Indicate Your A/C Needs Repairs?

It’s pretty obvious when your A/C stops blowing cool air that something is wrong and you need a pro to take a look. But there are some other indicators that you should pay attention to and call us if you notice.

Loud or Strange Noises

Your A/C should make a soft continuous humming sound while it’s running, but if you hear banging, clanking, thudding or other unusual sounds coming from your unit, call our repair experts to do a thorough inspection. There could be something malfunctioning that will cause your A/C to shutdown completely.

Strong or Unusual Odors

Because A/C units deal with condensation, they have the potential to grow mold and mildew if you’re not careful. These growing things produce noticeable odors that can waft throughout your system and should be cleaned out immediately.

You should also pay attention to smokey or burning smells originating from your A/C because that is another sign of potential and even dangerous problems with the machine.

Troubles With the Thermostat

While most thermostat problems can be fixed by simply replacing the batteries, sometimes it’s an indication of a larger issue. If you’ve tried replacing the batteries in your thermostat but keep having the same errors or cooling problems, call our team to take a look and repair the unit before it gets worse.

When Should You Install a New A/C?

With proper maintenance and regular professional inspections, most central air conditioning units can last between 15 to 20 years. However, watch for these signs that may suggest your A/C is on its last legs and will require a replacement.

No Cold Air Blows

If your A/C won’t blow cool air even after being on for a few minutes, this is definitely a sign that your unit needs repairs or even replacement. Call us immediately for efficient service.

Excessive Moisture, Noises, or Smells

Similar to the signs that indicate the need for repairs, if strange noises or smells keep issuing from your A/C, you should consider replacing your unit. Also, if you notice large puddles or excessive condensation on or around your A/C, it may be time for you to upgrade.

Increasing Energy Bills

Energy rate hikes spurred by energy companies are one thing, but if you notice your energy bills increasing regularly, that’s a sign that your HVAC equipment is having to work harder and use more energy to keep your home comfortable.

Call us to learn more about energy efficient systems that can drastically reduce your energy bills.

OUr Trusted Air Conditioning Brands

At S&S, we take pride in partnering with leading HVAC brands to deliver top-notch solutions for your Air Conditioning needs. Our team of skilled technicians is experienced in working with a range of reputable brands, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products and services. Here are some of the brands we specialize in:

  • Carrier: A trusted name in the industry, Carrier offers innovative and energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions to keep your indoor environment comfortable year-round.
  • Trane: Known for its reliability and advanced technology, Trane provides a range of heating, cooling, and air quality products designed to enhance your indoor comfort.
  • Lennox: With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, Lennox offers a variety of HVAC systems that deliver exceptional performance and comfort.
  • Rheem: Rheem's dependable heating and cooling solutions are designed to withstand the demands of changing seasons while providing efficient and consistent comfort.
  • York: York's wide range of HVAC products offers reliable and effective solutions to keep your home or business comfortable in any weather.
  • American Standard: As a trusted brand, American Standard delivers reliable HVAC systems designed to meet your comfort needs with durability and efficiency.
  • Bryant: Bryant's quality heating and cooling products are designed to keep your indoor environment comfortable and energy-efficient.
  • Goodman: Goodman provides cost-effective HVAC solutions that prioritize performance, efficiency, and affordability.
  • Napoleon: Napoleon's innovative HVAC systems offer efficient and reliable heating, cooling, and indoor air quality solutions.
  • Ruud: Ruud's reliable HVAC products are designed to deliver consistent performance and comfort, making them a popular choice among homeowners.

Stay Cool With Expert A/C Installation & Repair

Ensure your A/C is properly installed and performing at its best for years to come with our expert installation, repair and maintenance services. And keep all aspects of your home comfortable and running efficiently, from furnace maintenance to plumbing services, with S&S Heating and Cooling.

Find out more about our financing options, request a free estimate on your A/C repair, and schedule an HVAC inspection from us by calling 507-796-6391 or reaching out to us online!

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